How To Fix Too Short Curtains

How To Fix Too Short Curtains. Place the shiny side face down on the fabric. It is a ribbon like roll of a type of fabric tape.

How to Lengthen Curtains that are too short SUZANNE
How to Lengthen Curtains that are too short SUZANNE from

Transfer tape has one side that is shiny. Curtains that drag on the floor can be a hazard. Add material to the bottom of the curtains in a color that will complement the curtain and the existing decor.add trim to the bottom of the curtain that matches drapes or tiebacks.

Transfer Tape Has One Side That Is Shiny.

Here’s the quick gist of how to use this transfer tape and trim to fix a shower curtain that is too short. This does require drilling new holes for the rod mounting hardware. The white french tergal fabric is so pretty and i love these curtains with a white tone on tone stripe.

Plus, They Visually Shorten Your Space, Making Ceilings Look Shorter And The Room Smaller Overall.

I laid the curtain out flat and tied a ribbon around a long screwdriver. If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry. Instead, you need to get some stitch witchery.

I Bet They Hang Nicely Too…With The Added Weight And All.

My shower curtain was slightly too short but some extra curtain rings solved that problem for a quick fix. I wanted to add the trim to the back side of the shower curtain, so i placed the tape on the back. Nearly any curtain design still looks good if you shorten it from the bottom instead of the top.

Even Though Designers Say Don't Do It, Short Curtains Can Look Chic Too!!

Avoid cutting by folding up the bottom to the desired curtain length and pressing it with a hot iron to create a crisp edge. Using more clips will make the curtains look more pleated. 7 carefully position the cut and hemmed fabric along.

Adding The Satin At The Bottom Was Very Easy.

Pull the curtains to the side and use a tieback. This will be your curtain extension. Pin the fold in place with safety pins through the excess material and into the curtain liner, as you would with the top of a rod pocket curtain.

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