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Hack Into The Mainframe Donut County

Hack Into The Mainframe Donut County. This is a bronze trophy. Read our review of donut county.

Donut County Trophy Guide / Donut County 100 Achievement
Donut County Trophy Guide / Donut County 100 Achievement from cmnf-blog93.blogspot.com

How to unlock the hacker trophy in donut county (eu): Unlocked in the raccoon hq level. Hacker hack into the mainframe.

Finish Gecko Park Without Collecting The Radio;

Find trash king's secret getaway vehicle; Unlocked after completing the boss fight level. 2 guides inside the hq, make your way out the toilet under the grate, head towards main hall under the door then into the door marked security.

Explore Every Character’s Home, Each With Their Own Unique Environment.

With this leaderboard, points are only awarded for 100% complete games. You have not earned this achievement yet. 1 st jan 2021 9:16:47 pm:

Donut County Destroy The Donut Shop.

1 st jan 2021 8:02:40 pm: Hard to miss, complete donut shop level. Hard to miss, complete raccoon lagoon level.

This Achievement Is Worth 15 Gamerscore.

The flume is doomed destroy raccoon lagoon. Hacker hack into the mainframe. You get water from the water balloons from the dispenser nearby.

1 St Jan 2021 6:39:42 Pm:

For just clearing the level you need 1 pinch of salt and 1 of pepper. Donut county is a playstation 4 created by indie developer ben esposito and published by annapurna interactive in 2016.the game lets players control a hole with the main objective being to swallow. Next automatic update on january 21, 2022 at 07:04 pm.

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